Offshore & Industrial Fabrication

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (ISI) has a proven track record in major offshore projects and the most extensive industrial fabrication capability on the East Coast of North America.

Irving Shipbuilding has years of wide-ranging experience of on-time construction of high quality custom steel and alloy products for the offshore and industrial sectors of the economy. We provide a full complement of environmental, offshore construction and specialty industrial fabrication and maintenance to our clients. 

Our Woodside Industries facilities are located adjacent to an extensive array of offshore industry specialty subcontractors, enabling us to provide a fast and total response to customer requirements. Multiple undercover facilities, coupled with the ability to load-out onto barge, train or road benefits you with your project requirements.


Irving Shipbuilding’s offshore project successes include:

  • UT 755LN Platform Supply Vessel
  • Semi-Submersible Rig Accommodation
  • Semi-Submersible Drill Rigs
  • Scrubber Trunking for USA Coal Fired Power Stations
  • Acker H3.2 Semi Submersible Drill Rig for Bow Valley
  • Drill Ship
  • South Venture Topside
  • Eriik Raude – Fifth Generation Cold-Weather Rig
  • Twin Drilling Derricks for the Hibernian Platform
  • White Rose FPSO
  • Cohasset and Panuke Fields Topsides
  • Glomar Grand Banks Semi-Submersible Drill Rig

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Woodside Industries

As one of Canada’s leading offshore fabricators, Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (ISI) has the technology and capability you’re looking for at our Woodside facilities.